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Below you will find useful information on some of the services we offer and answers to the most frequent questions we are aksed as well as our terms and conditions, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

choosing a template

There are a number of choices available we can supply you with a link to a number of sites that have free templates available for use and you can choose one and provide us with the details of the site and the name of the template you wish us to use.

Alternatively you can give us details of how you would like the site to look, ie: colours number of columns, pictures etc we will search and find a number of samples for you to choose from.

Finally there are lots of sites where you can purchase templates for as little as £40 and this offers the advantage of limited use only a few people in the world will be able to purchase the same template so you aren’t likely to come across the template in your business field. You can either buy and download the template yourself or for a 10% admin fee we will do this for you.

Don’t be afraid to look at templates in different catagories as it is then less likely to be used by a competitor but do not worry too much about this as it is very unlikely to be an issue as there are thousands of templates available so it is still very unlikely you will find a local competitor with the same template.

Our advice is keep it simple if this is your first site, you will hear all sorts of technical talk about “flash” for instance which is basically moving graphics but there are still issues with some people not being able to see flash. Think about who your clients are if they are not likely to be highly technical then we recommend you stick to HTML/CSS which offers a huge range of good looking sites accessible to everyone.

what is Optimisation

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site by getting better results in search engines. The process includes choosing targeted keyword and phrases related to your site, and ensuring that the site appears as high as possible when those keyword phrases are part of a Web search.You could spend hours researching SEO but there are several key aspects, Keywords, & content Keywords: Some of these will be obvious in many cases for example if you are a plumber based in Worcester, the plumber, plumbing, plumbing services and Worcester are just the beginning. If you cover a wider area you can include all appropriate town names also if you offer a range of services you can break these down into more detail, maybe bathroom fitting, heating repairs etc.These words will be obvious if you have literature for your business but if not why not spend 5 minutes and see how many words and phrases you can think of for your business. A good web design company can come up with the main keywords but only you know the little extras that make your business different so make sure if there are special words or terminology relevant to your business or organisation you let us know.

Domain name: Your domain does have some influence on search engine listings they do search the domain name for your keywords. Most people assume that your domain has to be the same as your company name, this isn’t true if we think of our plumber say he was Pete Best Ltd, he could buy or it might be better to consider If it’s available as it has some of the keywords in the domain it will appear higher in a search result. The only decision he has to consider is does he mind what his email address is and that it doesn’t actually have his company name in it, he can still have business cards with his company name on. As to buying your domain name we usually advise you do this yourself we can advise you how and the cheapest way to do this but the advantage is you have full control in the past some web design companies have refused to hand over the domain rights if they purchased it so to avoid this issue we help you make the purchase yourself. We will need temporary access to your account to put in all the appropriate settings but you will then be able to change the password again, this is all for your protection we will be happy to discuss this in more detail if needed.

Content: This is just the main text of the website and the most important areas are that the home page has headings and text that include the most important keywords. Also you should make sure any pictures have been named with keywords in them.

A final word about optimisation you do have to be a little realistic even the best optimisation can’t perform miracles. If you are creating a new site for say Estate Agents there are over 1 million webpages related to estate agencies you cannot hope to be first on the search engines with a new site. However there are very good possibilities for being high on searches for a local town search for estate agents so do be realistic about the results you expect. It can also take some time for your site to be listed on all the registries and major search engines it could take up to 3 months for your true listings to be reflected. Registering with all the main search engines can take some time for customers who take out a hosting option we list your site on the top ten search engines and directories for you.

content and pictures

The content will be basic text describing what your website is for, something about your organisation, contact details, can also include any information you want to put out on the web providing it is legal, we will advise you at every stage so dont worry to much about that at this stage.You will also need to supply us with any appropriate photos or graphics, these should either have been taken or created by or for you and must be copy write free, just downloading from other websites is not acceptable and you may have trouble with copy write legislation if you choose to do this, we take no responsibility for the information and pictures provided.If providing text or photos could be an issue for you do not worry we can help but there may be an additional charge depending on the amount of work required but we will advise you of any charges in advance.

who can host my site

Any hosting company is the simple answer we are more than happy to create your site for you then provide you with all the relevant files eith on disc or by a zipped file which you can then upload to the web yourself and of course we can provide you hosting too.

timescales and on going maintenance

As a rough guide if all the decisions have been made and we have received all the content and agreed the design to be used we would estimate being able to create your site in 3 to 4 working days although this can be affected by our current work load but we will discuss timescales with you at the time of agreeing the contract.

If we are hosting your site then some maintenance is included in the package cost for more details on what maintenace is included please see our fair use policy below, charges for other maintenance can be found on our pricing page.

Fair Use Policy

We endeavour to be as fair as possible with regards to our charges and our regular maintenace charges are based on reasonable use and time, we understand if a site that is unlikely to change from month to month it is unreasonable to charge a monthly maintenance fee. Also if the only change is perhaps a phone number on a single page then even the standard one off fee might be more than needed for very small occasional changes for regular customers we would view these as good will if they only take a few mintues to action.

Our charges are based on an hours work per month so for a site that perhaps has a calender of events they want regulalry updated monthly billing would be appropriate. However if a major change is required needing hours of work we would always discuss the best possible options and charging with you first but major re-writing of entire sites would not be covered by monthly maintenance charges.

Terms & Conditions

All consultaions done by phone or online are free of charge however there maybe some charges if you wish us to travel to you for meetings in person based on travel expenses at cost and hourly rate for time. Following on from any consultation if you choose to contract us for creating your website you can either provide us with a purchase order or we can send you details of the services agreed for your signature.

A 25% deposit is required at the time of order with full payment completed within 14 days of the website being released on the internet. Payment for monthly charges must be recieved by the first of the month or be paid by standing order or this could affect your hosting and lead to the service being unavailable and access to your site and other services restricted.

Customer Service is our main priority and if you have any questions or problems please contact us immediately.

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